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Media Transcription:

Dinberu provides top-quality media transcription of any Amharic media audio and video files. Dinberu is experienced Amharic transcriptionists. He also uses his circle of highly qualified Amharic speaking professionals in every industry to evaluate meanings of highly technical terms and expressions. You will never have to worry about how your transcript will turn out. Dinberu will have your project completed on time, every time.

Conference Call Transcription: 

If you need a professional Amharic and English conference call transcription service that is affordable, quick, and trustworthy. Dinberu Melakehiwot is your best choice. He has ample experiences and group of individuals with in his office who can efficiently transcribe translate conference call discussions in short period of time.

Transcription Equipments:

Dinberu uses quality and state of the art transcription equipments such as PC foot Pedal, head set and a number of software that helps the transcription process.


Many law firms depend on Dinberu’s transcription services to document depositions, judicial proceedings and arbitrations for easy reference. Law enforcement agencies used Dinberu’ high-quality transcriptions services.


About Dinberu

Dinberu provides interpretation for all kinds of occasions. Whether you have a significant international conference or a small business meeting, Dinberu will provide you with excellent professional interpretation services between Amharic and English languages. He has more than 17 years of experience and offers simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services for conferences, legal proceedings, medical appointments, human resource meetings, confidential business negotiations, discussions, speeches, seminars and other types of events. Dinberu also provides interpretation equipment and on-site technical support for simultaneous interpretation events. Dinberu has done interpretation for the past several years in conferences and conventions, courtroom proceedings, depositions, human resource meetings, interviews, medical appointments, press conferences, seminars, shopping, speeches, teleconferences, tours, trade shows, training courses and workshops.